A bounce house also known as jump house is a perfect way to keep children busy and amused in a party. We have a wide range of inflatable bouncy castles which would bring a great deal of fun for kids. Moreover, these bounce houses and jumping castles are made of best quality material so you need not worry about the harsh weather conditions in your area, as it can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. Being a parent, it is obvious that you are worried about the safety of your kids, so if your kids are playing using bouncer for kids provided by us, you can be rest assured that they are safe and having fun.  If you are into jumping castle rental business, then using these high quality inflatable bounce houses can help you in earning high returns on your investment and increasing the list of satisfied clients.


Not only will a child be thrilled to have a bouncy house at their very own birthday party, so will all the other children that attend. When kids attend a birthday with a bounce house, let’s face it — that suddenly becomes the best party they’ve ever been to. When those kids go home and can’t stop talking about how much fun they had at their friend’s party, it is almost always because of the bounce house. Then when those kids have upcoming birthday parties, they’ll want to have a bounce house also, just like their friend did.

That’s where you come in. With the help of Albastein, your company can become the go-to party rental shop in your town with the best bounce house rentals around.

Bounce houses are safe, fun, enjoyed by all ages and are a great way for kids to expend the energy they’ll inevitably have from all that birthday cake and sugar. Our bounce houses are top of the line, durable, and long-lasting. Additionally, since our bounce houses are constructed with waterproof material, your clients can be assured that the party’s headliner will remain dry should any unfavorable weather conditions attempt to crash their child’s party.

Are you a party rental business looking to stock up on bounce houses for local customers? Contact Albastein today to find out more about purchasing bounce houses for your store.

Additionally, we also sell bouncer for kids to parents planning their child’s birthday party and prefer to purchase a bounce house as opposed to renting one locally.

We are the leading suppliers of high quality bouncy castles, inflatable bounce houses and water slides for kids at affordable prices. Whether you are into bouncy castles rentals business or a parent who wants to bring flair in your child’s party, it is our pleasure to serve you with attractive bouncy castles and children water slides in various designs to please every child attending the party. The best thing about a jumping castle or an inflatable water slide is that, they are very safe and can keep children busy for hours altogether. With the help of a jump house and kids water slide, many kids can play together and it becomes easy for you to manage a group of kids at the same time. So, just check out our awesome range of inflatable bounce houses and enable kids to have a blast in a safe playing environment.

There is nothing more joyous than bringing a smile to the face of a child for his or her birthday party, and Albastein works at making that happen.